Charlotte. Jewellery maker/owner of Charles Bazaar.
I'm a mix of Nick Miller, Marshall Eriksen and Monica Bing (Gellar) slightly proud of it.

Chandler Bing’s Six Stages of Unemployment

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how that scene should have gone


*incoherent screeching*

so my Lee and Clem prints went down a treat at MCM. 


A never before seen dress made for and worn by Queen Victoria is now on display in the Victoria Revealed exhibition at Kensington Palace.  The cream silk satin dress, with intricate embroidery, was given to the young Queen in the 1850s by the wife John Gregory Crace.

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Mini Marceline Cosplay

You look amazing!

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Time to lurk on the MCM Glasgow tag looking at all the pretty cosplays!

My alpaca smiles like it knows all your secrets

The Charles Bazaar and Gremlin loquacious/goffietwerb stall at MCM Glasgow :D

Also known as the mystery bag and walking dead/last of us art prints stall XD