Charlotte. Jewellery maker/owner of Charles Bazaar.
I'm a mix of Nick Miller, Marshall Eriksen and Monica Bing (Gellar) slightly proud of it.


Guess who bought Stick of Truth ;D

Reblogging from my jewellery blog :3

Slightly terrified of this Olaf onesie, yet still want.

Loras and Jaime enjoy spending time together.

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So I left my xbox for a while and now it’s fine. Very weird.
I’m about to go into Dol Guldur, slightly scared! Radagast don’t leave me please!


Just wait for it.

Noot Noot, everybody. 

Lego The Hobbit players, is anyone else having trouble with crashing and the game just refusing to play? Mines telling me that I need to clean the disk (its said this about 10 times), yet its only been in my xbox.

I feel like Dori is the real star of Lego The Hobbit, he’s everywhere!

Don’t mind me, just riding a warg as the king under the mountain.


Someone on Deviantart has uploaded my pictures of my jewellery with my logo cropped out.

The heck?!

Destroying all the road markers near Riverdell, elves don’t need directions do they?